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This is not mine, I found it on Facebook. I usually try to save the fangirling for Tumblr, but sometimes it just needs an additional outlet.

In other (not completely unrelated) news, I think I just found a new wallpaper for my cellphone XD
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"A miracle."

Been trying to keep most of my fangirling over on Tumblr, but this video is pretty nearly perfect, and I had to share. Tiva shippers/B/B shippers, NCIS fans, and Bones fans totally need to see this.

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Tiva ficlet: "Poker Face"

Title: Poker Face
Rating: R
Summary: He wonders how much longer he can keep doing this
A/N: I had the first two lines of this in my head since yesterday afternoon. They wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote this. Hope it is acceptable.

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